Announcing Our Final Batch of Speakers

We’re nearly all set for WordCamp Manchester, so here are our final batch of speakers.

Mark Wilkinson

Mark is the Lead developer and Co-founder of Highrise Digital, a specialist WordPress agency focusing on custom development that is built to last. Mark has been using WordPress since late 2005, all the way back to version 2.0. He is the co-organiser of a small WordPress meet-up in Kendal, Cumbria which happens on a monthly basis and is an active member of the UK WordPress community.

James Morrison

I’m a Senior WordPress Developer and Head of Support at Pragmatic ( I’ve been building websites for 15 years and working with WordPress for the last 10.

Heather Burns

I help web designers, developers, business owners, and digital professionals get to grips with the laws and regulations which impact our work.

A big thank you to all our speakers! To see when they are speaking, be sure to view our schedule.

Announcing Our Third Batch of Speakers

We’re over half way through announcing our speakers, who have given their time to speak at WordCamp Manchester 2016. Here are 3 more…

Glyn Thomas

Glyn Thomas is a freelance web developer who specialises in WordPress websites for the charity, NGO and non-profit sector. He is currently working with Refugee Action to redevelop their website in WordPress, and he has previously worked with other organisations including Global Justice Now, Positive Money and ShareAction in the UK and Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada.

Jonny Allbut

Digital director at @wearewider & @Wonderflux WordPress theme framework founder. WordPress specialist, occasional conference speaker. @wpbhamuk co-organiser.

Ben Furfie

Ben is a front end developer (who also enjoys dabbling with backend development too) who specialises in working with WordPress and Magento. He has a passion for helping freelancers and agencies that use WordPress to create sustainable businesses. He has previously talked on subjects ranging from technology in the workplace, designer/developer relations, pricing strategies and freelancing.

Only 3 more speakers left to announce! Be sure to catch them next time. Or just read the schedule.

Announcing Our Second Batch of Speakers

WordCamp is coming soon! So we’re going to announce our next group of speakers.

Rachel McCollin

I’m a WordPress developer and writer based in Birmingham. I’ve been using WordPress to build client sites since 2010 but most of my work now is writing books, tutorials, courses and blog posts on WordPress. When I’m not writing about WordPress I like writing dystopian fiction, rock climbing and laughing at my (very stupid) cat.

Kayleigh Thorpe and Keith Hyde

Kayleigh and Keith are WordPress Support Specialists at The pair and the company have both worked with WordPress for years and enjoy taking part in WordCamps and community events.

Otto Kekäläinen

Otto Kekäläinen is the CEO of Seravo Oy, CEO of the MariaDB Foundation and the chairman of the FUUG Foundation. Otto has been using Linux and other open source technologies for over 15 years, and has been advocating open source for almost as long. Otto’s first blog in 2004 was made with WordPress, and since the inception of Otto has been deeply involved with WordPress. As a software developer Otto has insight into the technical side of open source, and as a CEO and entrepreneur he also knows how to use open source in business successfully. Otto likes to share his experiences on how to use open source to its full potential and how the world can keep increasing the benefits of open source software and its methodologies.

Crispin Read

Crispin is a strategy and UX consultant specialising in agile practice. Almost 20 years professional experience of user focussed development and open source frameworks.

That’s all for today! If you want spoiler alerts on the other speakers be sure to check the schedule!

Announcing Our First Batch of Speakers

So with just over a month to go, we thought we would tell you about our first lot of speakers for WordCamp Manchester.

Anil Gupta

I am a young technology enthusiast and entrepreneur. At the age of 23 and in 2009, I co-founded Multidots ( – a WordPress and mobile app development agency in India. With more than 12 years of experience, I am very passionate about WordPress. I have attended local as well few international WordCamp in last few years . Also – I speak at universities and local meetups in India about WordPress and WooCommerce. My company does everything WordPress.

Kimb Jones

Kimb is the co-founder of UK-based WordPress agency Make Do. In a previous life he worked in the corporate surroundings of the NHS for over 10 years working in both IT and Marketing. He promises it wasn’t as boring as it sounds (mostly). He’s been running a local WordPress meetup in Sheffield (UK) for over 5 years and is the main co-ordinator of WordCamp Sheffield. He’s also on the WordCamp Europe co-organising team and has been speaking & involved with WordCamp’s since 2009.

Dave Green

Dave Green is a web developer from sunny Manchester specialising in Front-end development, WordPress and WooCommerce. He has been developing websites professionally using WordPress for the last five years and is one of the main cogs in the machine known as Make Do: a team of engineers and designers specialising in WordPress development.

Carolyn Jones

Carolyn is a site owner, marketer and occasional food blogger.

You can read about their sessions, as well as find out about all the speakers, on the Schedule page